About the project

Rural Watch

Improving CSOs role in supporting transparency and accountability of public authorities and business in the rural areas.

In order to develop Albanian rural areas in a sustainable way the opinion of local people should be heard and their interests and rights taken into consideration. With the increasing pressure and intensity of economic development in these areas (e.g. mining, hydropower plants) more than ever there is a need of a strong civil society on the ground which is able to keep competent public authorities and businesses accountable to environmental, health and safety standards and regulations.

The project aims to address some of the most pressing issues of the rural development in Albania related to the quality of life and keeping the standards for clean and safe environment. Overall objectives include:

  • Improved environmental performances of energy and extractive industries in Albanian rural areas;
  • Increased transparency and accountability of public authorities and businesses related to extractive and energy industry (EEI) in rural areas
  • Rural communities (women and men) more informed and empowered to monitor and control energy and extractive industry in rural areas

The specific objective: Strengthened civil society role in promoting monitoring standards and ensure the sustainable use of the natural resources from extractive and energy industry in rural areas.

The project implementation will last 24 months April 2018 – March 2020

The action builds up on the good practices in rural development showcased by the Bulgarian experience for transparency and accountability of EEI in raising public awareness, access to information and justice, and public engagement through innovative media channels.

Project expects 4 main outputs:

  • Output 1 - A capacity building package delivered to CSO`s and media representatives on their watchdog role
  • Output 2 - An information campaign for the public and outreach
  • Output 3 - Monitoring actions for the 5 targeted extractive and energy industry
  • Output 4 - Legal services for the 5 targeted extractive and energy industry

Full project description

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Timeframe of the project activities

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