Albania is well known for chromium, nickel and copper reserves. Quantity and quality of chromium is high. Before 1990 Albania was the 3rd country in Europe for chromium reserves and now it ranks as the country with the highest level of reserves in Europe As per the National Agency of Natural Resources, at the end of 2011 there were 711 mining permits granted to local and foreign businesses out of which 622 represent exploitation permits.... lexo më shumë

There is no public data regarding the construction permits and environmental permits and the local government units are mostly sidelined. Analysis and articles about the impact of these small HPP development are very vague and with no robust data. The local population have different opinions about the HPPs and their impact in the community. In the cases of Okshtun, they do refer as positive cases since there were few investments on the roads done by the concessionary, while the long pipe HPP development in black lake are highly contested. In terms of power production the HPPs planed and constructed in Bulqiza and Dibër area are the most important ones with a capacity of 3374.5 kW and the annual production capacity of 15370000 kWh... lexo më shumë

Dokumente dhe veprime në lidhje me shfrytëzimin e minierave në Bulqizë

Prodhimi i mineralit të kromit në vitet 2015-2017 në Bulqizë dhe rrethinat ...lexo këtu

Artikuj në media të financuar nga projekti për Bulqizën

Investigim/ Kromi në Bulqizë nxirret pa asnjë kontroll mjedisor nga institucionet dhe kompanitë shfrytëzuese (nga Ola Mitre) ...lexo këtu

Ndërtimi i HEC-eve në Bulqizë, me ndikim në mjedis dhe në konflikt me banorët (nga Sami Curri) ...lexo këtu

Profili i zonës së Bulqizës dhe plani i veprimit

Advocacy working plan in Bulqize.docx